Beard are proud to be the Official Creative Partner of Worcestershire County Cricket Club. In late 2013, BEARD were invited to rebrand the Worcestershire T20 side, with huge success, winning a prestigious BOCA for the club in the process.

The idea is that the name has a dual meaning, with rapid referring to both the speed at which the game is played, and a tongue in cheek nod to the fact that the ground has been known to flood in the past! Given the new Rapids name, we wanted to try and create the shoot in water, to really bring everything together.

Whilst having it’s limitations for player movement, we were over the moon with the results, which you can see opposite.

Jon Graham, Commercial Director at WCCC, says “It is a fantastic identity to make sure Worcestershire is up there with everyone else in terms of marketing strategy and, having a brand like the Rapids, people can associate with it.

“We will be pushing the brand out everywhere and hopefully over the summer you will see the Rapids name all over the city, be it a replica shirt, T-shirt, hat, whatever.”